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I Australian Corps

Unit Histories

From To Type Notes
13-Oct-1939 13-Oct-1939 Created as HQ 2 Australian Imperial Force
23-Oct-1939 23-Oct-1939 Event HQ established in Melbourne, Australia
01-May-1940 01-May-1940 Renamed I Australian Corps
10-Jun-1940 10-Jun-1940 Event GOC I Australian Corps departed Australia by flying boat for Palestine.
11-Jun-1940 11-Jun-1940 Event Command of AIF units in Australia now devolved to GOC 7 Australian Infantry Division. From this date HQ I Australian Corps is located in Palestine. Rear HQ I Australian Corps continued to function in St Kilda, Victoria, Australia.
25-Jun-1940 25-Jun-1940 Event Advance HQ, I Australian Corps opened in Gaza and assumed command of AIF formations in the Middle East.
13-Aug-1940 13-Aug-1940 Event Main party embarked for the Middle East. Those staff remaining in Australia (Rear HQ) were attached to HQ 7 Australian Infantry Division.
31-Aug-1940 31-Aug-1940 Event Rear HQ in Melbourne closed and personnel transfered to HQ 7 Australian Infantry Division.
30-Sep-1940 30-Sep-1940 Event Main party of HQ disembarked at Suez
16-Feb-1941 16-Feb-1941 Event Corps replaced XIII Corps in Cyrenaica.
24-Feb-1941 24-Feb-1941 Event Corps handed over responsibility for Cyrenaica to 6 Australian Infantry Division as it had been assigned to Greece.
05-Apr-1941 05-Apr-1941 Event Corps HQ opened in Greece
12-Apr-1941 12-Apr-1941 Renamed ANZAC Corps to honour Australian New Zealand Army Corps in World War I.
24-Apr-1941 24-Apr-1941 Event Corps HQ ceased operations in Greece
25-Apr-1941 25-Apr-1941 Renamed I Australian Corps
15-Feb-1942 ? 15-Feb-1942 ? Event Elements of Corps arrive in Java.
15-Mar-1942 ? 15-Mar-1942 ? Event Corps returned to Australia xx
06-Apr-1942 06-Apr-1942 Converted from HQ Southern Command
06-Apr-1942 06-Apr-1942 Converted to 1 Australian Army
15-Aug-1942 ? 15-Aug-1942 ? Renamed I Australian Corps and New Guinea Force.
03-Sep-1943 03-Sep-1943 Renamed I Australian Corps
31-Aug-1945 31-Aug-1945 Active


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