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Orders of Battle

Welcome to Orders of

First and Second World War Military Unit Database

Orders Of is an interactive Database on Military Units and Commanders in the First and Second World Wars (1914-1918 and 1939-1945).

It currently concentrates on the major powers engaged in the War such as the British Commonwealth, Germany and the United States of America.

In the future, it is hoped to begin adding information on units from France, the Soviet Union, Italy and Axis-Allied countries such as Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

Until recently, this database has only concentrated on Units in the Second World War, but recently I have started adding information for the Great War as well. Currently this information is limited to just a few British Army Divisions and Regiments, but the data held is continually expanding. I am also collecting source material on the German Army of the First World War as well for future use.

Using this database, the user can view information on military units of all sizes including Army Groups, Armies, Corps, Divisions, Brigades, Regiments and Battalions for the major powers in the First and Second World Wars and the officers who commanded them.

It is possible, using the Unit Index or Master Unit Index Page to list all Units of a specific Service, Type and Size and then drill-down to a specific Unit using the Unit Index page. Once in a Unit listing, the user can see additional pages relevent for that Unit or generate an Order of Battle for that unit for a specific date.

For units from the British Commonwealth, users can view all units for a specific Corps/Regiment or Force using the Corps Page and the Force Page

Click the Unit Updates Page to display unit records which have been recently updated.

Similarly, using the Officer Index Page or Master Officer Index, one can list all Commanders for specific Nationality or by Name and then examine a specific Commander and see all Units associated with that Commander as well as their Awards; Information held for Commanders can include Full Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Awards and Notes.

Please click the Person Updates Page to see person records which have recently been updated.

The following page categories now have "sub-pages" which display associated records for the record selected. Each record in the list below will always have a "Data" sub-page, but will have additional sub-pages displayed if the data for that record exists"

Please see the Sources Page for a list of published sources, both books and web pages. Please see the Links Page for a list of useful web sites which might be of interest.

Reference Pages provide definitions for terms used in the database and in some cases links to Units associated with them.