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Site History and Updates

Site History and Updates

Date Description
10-Sep-2018 Removed all Google code Adsense and Analytics code from site.
05-Sep-2018 I have now finished the vast majority of the changes that were intended for my windows client, so I have recently started adding paging and filtering logic to the website. I hope to publish some of the changes soon!!
16-Mar-2018 It has been a while since I updated here!! I was abroad for a few years and since my return have been busy upgrading my servers' hardware and software. This is now complete. I am now working on enhancements to my update software application, which will then allow me to update this website to add paging (which should improve performance for some queries). I have now restarted adding data as well, so please keep your eyes on the site!
27-Jul-2015 Site is now back up, finally!! Many apologies for the long period of downtime!! This is perhaps the longest time period that the site has been down since 2005!! Problem was caused by a failure in the Domain Server. As I was working abroad, it had to wait until I could fly home and fix it. I have now built an additional Domain Server to prevent future issues like this!
24-Nov-2014 Am currently upgrading the Database Server. Website is now running off the backup database server while I upgrade the main database server. The new version will allow me to store image files in the database. I hope to port all my war diary photos to the database and modify the website to make them visible. This process will take a long time as I must rename all the files to have meaningful names and link them up with their associated Unit records. However the basic code and design for this now complete and all I have left to do is modify the website and migrate the data.
30-Aug-2014 It has been quite a while since I wrote an update!! The site was down for a short period in the last month due to server changes, but things seem to be fairly stable now. I have been doing a lot of re-organising on the server side, both in IIS and SQL Server, to create a "standard" build. I hope to return to doing more data input soon, but at the moment I am trying to catalogue and organise all the photos I took in the National Archives in Ottawa of Canadian War Diaries. I still have 20,000 to do!!
31-Aug-2013 Site is now back up after being down for two days!! Caused by failure of network hubs for some reason. New Hub has been installed today so we are back up and running! Many apologies and thanks for your patience.
21-Nov-2012 Re-arranged adverts and added ads for Naval and Military Press. Source and Unit Source titles may now link to either NMP or Amazon depending on which supplier sells the appropriate book. Users may use the links to find out more about the book and, if so desired, purchase the book which will help support! Started setting up hyperlinks for some sources.
21-Oct-2012 Returned home from overseas for the first time in a while. Will now be working on restoring my Virtual Servers and rebuilding other servers as necessary, in between looking for a new contract to pay for all this!
22-Sep-2012 Managed toi restore the site after a week's downtime. Problem caused by a Domain Server failure in a storm which prevented access to the site. After a bit of work remotely, we have managed to get the backup Server up and running. Please accept our apologies for the downtime.
13-May-2012 The site is now back up after being down due to network problems since the beginning of April. This was due to the failure of both my router and my modem and also occurred while no one was at home to install new kit! I am very sorry for the extended delay in getting the site back online. The new modem and router are now installed and configured and all machines are back up and running. I have a new version of the website 1104 which I hope to deploy soon.
19-Dec-2011 Deployed version 1103 which fixes the Links in the Links page and fixes the bug in the CorpIndex page. I still have to fix all the links in the text pages however.
16-Dec-2011 Deployed version 1102. This version has been completely rewritten using the MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller) using ASP.NET MVC. It is not quite complete as there are a few minor things missing as are both the oobweblog page and the tech-crm page. The new site has several new pages and lets users view Units by Theatre, by Force, by Corps, by Location, by Province, by Country. Locations are now separate records in their own right. Awards are also separate records as well, so users can now query an Award to see all the Officers in the database who have that Award etc. There are also additional pages for Unit specifically for German units. Unit and Person records (as well as Award, Corp, Force, Location, Wave, Province and Country) now have a Data page. This page has basic information and usually will have one or more links. These links will only appear of the parent record has data for that link. So all lists of hyperlinks in the datapage are now dynamic. I will add a new page soon documenting these changes in detail. Finally I have added logic to the server so that all incoming requests to the old pages will now be redirected to the equivalent new page. If you have any comments, please email me at
30-Oct-2011 Deployed version 1101. This adds a new Web Page for Unit Sources for a specific Unit. It also adds support for separate Country, Province and Location tables which used to form part of the Unit Location. There are no new Web Pages for these yet; but in future users will be able to query Units for a specific Location etc.
27-Aug-2011 Deployed version 1100 which resolves a long-standing issue with the Index Page hyperlinks.
25-Aug-2011 This website is now operational on the new Hyper-V server which has just been built to complement my existing Hyper-V server
05-Aug-2011 The site is now finally restored!!!!!!!! Please accept my sincere apologies for the long delay, I was working abroad and was not able to return home to resolve the issues. The Hyper-V server OS has been reinstalled and all the VMs are now once again operational. I have also installed new UPS boxes to provide additional power-stability for all systems. I will be building a new Hyper-V server soon to provide additional protection against the chance of the entire server being out of touch. The problem was caused by an error in the Hyper-V Management Operating System which stopped it from booting properly. The VMs however were always safe and I have not had to restore them at all.
19-Jun-2011 The site is now operational again, thanks to the help of Ed, my wife's cousin!! Many apologies for the downtime over the last 10 days!! When I return home I will implement additional safety features to help prevent electrical damage from thunderstorms!
09-Jun-2011 A massive electrical storm caused the UPS to fail and took down the whole site. As I am away, I was unable to bring the site back up and had to wait for some external help to sort out the problem. In the meantime, I pointed the site to a temporary site in Google so that the url still works.
16-Apr-2011 Made some database changes and discovered that Unit Corps and Unit Force web pages no longer worked. Deployed version 1099 which fixed that problem but opened up another problem with the Corps Index! Fixed that and also deployed a new Web Page for Force Units to show all units associated with a specific Force record
27-Jan-2011 The webserver and database server have now been ported to run as Virtual Machines on a new Virtual Server machine. I am still sorting out a few teething troubles on certain websites etc, but most of the work is now complete. This change will give me the opportunity to assign additional memory to different servers as necessary and create backup machines etc much more easily.
26-Jan-2011 Unfortunately, both the databases and the web server were out of contact last week owing to a firewall issue. As I was away I was not able to resolve the issue until the weekend. This week there was a powercut and the server machine did not restart automatically and I was not able to restart it until lunchtime today. Please accept my apologies for this downtime.
08-Aug-2010 New version 1097 is being deployed today. As a result, some screens will not work properly because the database schema must be changed. These changes will also be made today. Thank tou for your patience.
08-Aug-2010 Version 1097 deployed. All database changes completed. Primary Flag no longer appears in Unit Corps and Unit Force pages.
16-Apr-2010 Site was down for several hours owing to a severe storm
07-Mar-2010 Version 1095 published.
26-Feb-2010 Version 1094 Modified layout slightly and removed Banner image. This image looks good but does not display properly on some browsers. Changed the colours to black and maroon to make it more readable.
14-Feb-2010 Version 1093 Fixed placement error in Data Grid so multi-line grid records line up properly. Changed text in some forms to improve keyword relevency.
12-Feb-2010 Version 1092 Modified layout once again shifting Menu to right of page. Removed all affiliated adverts and cleaned up form layout. Made Menu clearer. Renamed all Person pages to be Officer pages instead as that is more specific. Added Unit Title and Person Title to url to make them more useful and more SEO friendly. Moved Amazon Bookshop adverts to the Footer. In the future, I intend to integrate Amazon more closely into the site, specifically the Sources page. Many apologies for the continued layout changes but I have been trying to come up with the best layout. Hopefully this will be the last layout change for a while!!
08-Feb-2010 Version 1091 Added new Link Advert
04-Feb-2010 Version 1090 Re-arranged layout a little. Removed Title as it forced main body too far down the page
01-Feb-2010 Implemented version1089. Previous version used IFrames which cause Adsense to count too many page impressions. Advertiser clicks should now open in their own window instead of inside the frame they were clicked on.
30-Jan-2010 Implemented version1088. Changed the layout of the site and added a banner. Re-arranged the menu structure and added additional adverts and an Amazon bookstore.
22-Jan-2010 Added a new web page: MasterUnitIndex. This will allow users to query Unit records for all States, Services etc. Changed the Adsense layout as well and slightly modified the colour scheme.
29-Dec-2009 Finally updated the web site with version 1086. Changed the colour scheme, added filter text boxes to Unit Index and Person Index and added a new page, the Master Person Index, which will allow users to query Person records via a filter across the entire Person table so all person records for a specific set of characters can be queried. Let me know what you think.
12-Oct-2009 Finally! It's been a bit of a wait but version 1085 has now been deployed!! This version fixes the bugs with the text pages such as the Home Page and also the Unit Appointments Page. The website now uses LINQ which brings it into line with my other applications. This should now allow me to concentrate on creating new web pages and new ways of querying existing pages.
04-Sep-2009 We are back!! The site has been having problems for the last few days which meant that no data could be displayed. It was caused by a problem with the log file and has now been solved.
23-Jun-2009 The databases used by the site are now running on the new database server which has a more modern motherboard than the old one. Please see the web log for more details.
03-Jun-2009 The site was down for about a day owing to a hard disk crash on the web server. Unfortunately, the motherboard went as well. I have ordered replacements and in the meantime have built a new web server on a different machine so the web site was not down for too long. Many apologies to all of my visitors who were affected.
16-May-2009 Many apologies! The web site was down for 10 days until yesterday and I did not realise as I have been busy with other things. Mea culpa!! The site is now back. The problem was caused by an installation of the new version of Skype on one my machines which overwrote some of the port forwarding entries on my router, including the one for the World Wide Web, which knocked out all my websites. Everything should be back to normal now.
11-Jan-2009 Finally modified Appointments page so that Commonwealth Unit Appointments are grouped by Branch and Directorate. As a result of changes made during develoipment, this page had stopped working properly so this bug should now be resolved. I fixed this a couple of days ago but the fonts were wrong. They are now correct.
25-Oct-2008 Added a new Corps Unit Index page which allows users to select Corps by Nation which should be more user friendly than the existing Units by Corps Page which has a dropdown control for the Corps. Clicking on a Corps Name will display a new page listing the Units for the Corps
23-Aug-2008 Once again apologies are in order. There has been no data available on the site for the past 4 days as a result of the database server being down. This was caused by a severe storm in my hometown which cut off the electricity for several hours. Unfortunately, the database server did not restart properly as a result of an incorrect setting. I was not able to look at it as I did not have web access for a few days. Things are now resolved so please accept my apologies for the lack of data for the last 4 days.
13-Jul-2008 The remaining pages are now back up and running (with the exception of Unit by Corps) and a new version of the website has been deployed. This new version does not include any new pages but that is the next thing that will be done. Sorry once again for the pages not being available.
12-Jul-2008 A Replication problem resulting from some ongoing changes managed to cause a bit of a problem a couple of days ago and empty the web database completely! It took me a couple of days to notice the problem as I have been focussing on development recently. No data was lost as the master database is still fine. I have reset the replication and the web database has been repopulated successfully. Unfortunately, some of the screens are still not functioning properly and are giving errors including the home page and the country pages as well as the unit data and person data pages. The Index pages are working as are almost all of the reference pages. I will try and sort this out in the next few days. Please accept my apologies for the problem.
04-May-2008 We're back!! On 28-Apr-2008, a hardware crash took down the web server. Luckily the database was unaffected. Then I managed to lock myself out of the database server which I was going to use to as the web server until I can build a new webserver. As I am in Europe at the moment, I had to rely on others to sort out the problem locally before I could restore the ASP.NET code on the server. That is now done and the wesite is back in business. I still have to restore all the other websites such as Tech-CRM etc. This should happen in the next few days. We are very sorry that the site was down for the last week or so.
25-Nov-2007 Added Awards Page; removed Corps information fromUnitData page as it is redundant now that we have a UnitCorps Tab and modified the UnitCorps Tab to show the full Corps Name not the Short Corps Name
31-Oct-2007 Unit Data and Person Data pages will now only have sub-page hyperlinks enabled when there is actually data to display, otherwise the Links will be plain black text. This should make the pages more readable. Location Grids now display Province and not Military District. Have fixed the annoying Overflow error which was caused by a short integer variable being incremented too many times (this was a piece of code that was added to the collection classes about 5 years ago).
09-Aug-2007 For the last few weeks, the database has been running on a new machine VEGA which replaced the old machine ORION. The new machine is physically a lot smaller as it is based upon a Mini-ITX motherboard which is only 17cm by 17cm! However the new system does have twice the memory and a faster hard disk so performance should still be OK. For full details, please see my web log
14-Jul-2007 Revamped page layout slightly
21-May-2007 Added Web Log, modified Text Pages so that they are now held in the Database and modified the Layout by adding a menu on the left hand side.
01-May-2007 Modified Sources Web Page so that it is now organised by Category. Fixed the Footer Sizing.
20-Feb-2007 Added new Web Page for Person Updates to match Unit Updates
31-Jan-2007 Fixed Callback Error triggered by drop down boxes; revamped search controls and changed footer format
28-Jan-2007 Added Person Notes Page and added Acting Flag in Appointments Data Grids. Resolved IE7 Scrollbar Issue and tidied up page layouts. Revamped Adsense Ad Layouts.
10-Dec-2006 Added Role Pages and modified Adverts.
30-Sep-2006 Reorganised Adverts
20-Mar-2006 Added and Links, reorganised page layouts and added new Sitemap page.
13-Mar-2006 Removed original Introduction Page and replaced it with the Home Page. Changed Counter to count on a Per Page basis. Improved Look and Feel of Index Pages
04-Mar-2006 New Version of Web Site with new Index Pages for British, US and German unit records and certain Nationalities of Person records to improve Search Engine access to database pages. New Google Referrals buttons. Amended web page formats to improve consistency between pages. Once Google has crawled the new Index pages, the Google Search button should be much more effective in searching the site for Units and Persons.
19-Feb-2006 The last two months have seen considerable change internally as the web site is being rewritten and the database has been upgraded. I hope to publish the new site within a few weeks. The new site will be very similar but will run under new technology and will be optimised for use with search engines.
17-Feb-2006 Web site is now back up after being offline for several days owing to the failure of the ADSL Modem. Modem has now been replaced. Many apologies for any inconvenience caused!
10-Oct-2005 Changed Search Page to allow Searches with Made the site more searchable by changing navigation controls to hyperlinks and removing paging
26-Sep-2005 Added some additional text to some pages
08-Sep-2005 Changed Menu Layout and added Google Ads to more pages; reworked the Counter; fixed Paging in Links and Sources Web Pages; resized some Data Grids.
03-Sep-2005 The Unit Index data grid is now dynamic and will display different data according to the state and size of units selected
06-Jul-2005 Fixed error in Order of Battle Tab
30-Jun-2005 Web Site is now backup after being down for two days which was caused by a Router issue.
08-Jun-2005 Added a drop down list in Unit Subordinates to allow subordinates of a specific Size to be selected
30-Apr-2005 Ranks are now displayed in "National" format where applicable, i.e. "Oberst" is displayed instead of "Colonel".
30-Apr-2005 Added a Unit Index by Corps Page to allow users to select Units for a specific Corps - This can only be used for British Commonwealth units
23-Apr-2005 Web Site is now back up after being down for a few days. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the telephone cable while I was away which stopped access to the web server (one of my cats had chewed the cable!).
14-Mar-2005 Added Google Adsense to Main Page and Country Pages
06-Mar-2005 Added a Donations Page
28-Feb-2005 Web Site now populate Title dynamically so that navigation through the History Buttons is much easier
11-Jan-2005 Fixed error in Order of Battle Tab in Unit Data which displayed all Unit Attachments in the Tree instead of those for a specific Date as it should have.
29-Dec-2004 Web Site and Database now back up. Thank you for your patience
27-Dec-2004 Unfortunately the site is down due to a Hard Disk Crash. I expect to have the site up in a couple of days or so. Sorry for the inconvenience.
04-Dec-2004 Added two new data grids for Unit Battle Honours and Unit Notes. Unit Notes is a "catch-all" area for footnotes and comments for a specific unit while Unit Battle Honours displays Battle Honours awarded to the Unit (Campaigns Served in the case of US units). Battle Honour data was previously displayed in the Unit History grid.
03-Dec-2004 Added a Recent Unit Updates page which lists unit hyperlinks for units inserted or updated in the last week
06-Nov-2004 An Order of Battle Tab has been added to the Unit Data page which will allow users to generate an order of battle treeview hierarchy for a specifc Unit for a specific Date. Users can open or close specific nodes and hyperlink to a specific unit page from the hierarchy.
06-Nov-2004 The Links Page is now generated from the Database.
01-Nov-2004 goes live on the web