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History Types

Id Note
Mobilised Unit is mobilised or called up on this date
Reinforced Unit is increased in size as a result of reorganisation
Reorganised Unit is restructured
Operation Unit is involved in a military operation
Organised Unit is organised after previously existing only on paper
Dispersed Unit is broken up temporarily
Perpetuated By Unit`s Battle Honours are perpetuated by the associated Unit
Perpetuated Unit perpetuated the Battle Honours of the associated Unit
Partially Mobilised Elements of the Unit are mobilised
Part Absorbed By Part of Unit is absorbed by another unit
Part Absorbed Unit absorbed part of another unit and retained the same name
Other Any other event in the history of the unit
Renamed Unit is given a different title (used for minor changes to unit title)
Surrendered Unit ceases to exist as a result of being forced to surrender
Shattered Unit is broken up into small fragments as a result of enemy action
Converted to Unit is converted to another unit with a different name or type
Separated Into Unit is split into two units with separate identities
Reduced Unit is reduced in size by reorganisation
Amalgamated Into Unit is joined with another unit to create an entirely new unit
Reduced to Cadre Unit is reduced to a very small body of men but remains in existence
Converted from Unit is converted from another unit which had a different name or type to the new unit
Destroyed Unit ceases to exist as a result of enemy action
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History Types are used to categorise the events in a Unit's life history such as Creation, Amalgamation, Disbandment, Reformation etc.