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History Types

Id Note
Absorbed By Unit is absorbed by another unit and its name ceases to be used
Inactivated Unit still formally exists on paper but has no men or equipment and can be reformed in the future
Amalgamated From Unit is created by the Amalgamation of other Units
Divided From Unit is created by the Division of other Units
Broken Up Unit is broken up permanently (but not officially disbanded or inactivated)
Activated Unit is raised having previously existed on paper (US Only)
Also Known As Unit had another designation during the period indicated
Overrun Unit was dispersed through enemy action
Embodied Unit that was previously Inactive is staffed and equipped (equivalent to Mobilised)
Active Unit was in existence on this date and was already "mobilised"
Authorised Unit is authorised to be raised
Battle Honour Official Battle Honour awarded to this unit (British and US units only)
Created Unit is created or raised from scratch
Disbanded Unit ceases to exist as a separate unit even on paper
Detached From Unit is detached from a parent unit for a limited time
Demobilised Unit Personnel are released from service
Detached Unit detachs a sub-unit for a limited time
Disembodied Unit still exists but has no men
Reformed Unit has previously existed and is recreated
Codenamed Alternative deception name is used by this unit on or after this date
Event An event in the history of the unit
Inactive Unit is in existence and has men assigned to it but is not "mobilised" on a specific date
Inducted National Guard unit is taken into Federal Service
Absorbed Unit absorbed another unit and retained the same name
Suspended Animation Unit still formally exists on paper but has no men or equipment and can be reformed in the future
Location Unit is in this location on a specific date (no longer used much)
Mobilised Unit is mobilised or called up on this date
Reinforced Unit is increased in size as a result of reorganisation
Reorganised Unit is restructured
Operation Unit is involved in a military operation
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History Types are used to categorise the events in a Unit's life history such as Creation, Amalgamation, Disbandment, Reformation etc.