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36 Indian Infantry Brigade


From To Nation Subordinate
01-Jun-1941 ? 06-May-1943 Indian 8/13 Frontier Force Rifles
22-Jul-1941 14-Nov-1944 ? Indian 5/16 Punjab Regiment
15-Aug-1941 ? 14-May-1942 ? Indian 7/5 Mahratta Light Infantry
02-May-1942 20-Sep-1942 British 6 Medium Regiment RA
01-Oct-1942 11-Sep-1943 British 1 The North Staffordshire Regiment
06-May-1943 11-May-1943 Indian 9/15 Punjab Regiment
11-May-1943 14-Jul-1944 ? Indian 8/13 Frontier Force Rifles
07-Nov-1943 10-May-1944 ? Gurkha 1/8 Gurkha Rifles
20-May-1944 ? 31-Aug-1945 Gurkha 1/8 Gurkha Rifles
15-Oct-1944 ? 31-Aug-1945 Indian 8/13 Frontier Force Rifles
15-Nov-1944 ? 14-Apr-1945 ? Indian 2 The Ajmer Regiment
15-Dec-1944 ? 31-Aug-1945 Indian 5/9 Jat Regiment


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