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Title National Title From To
United States Forces in the Philippines 21-Mar-1942 06-May-1942

Number of Records Returned: 1


Title National Title From To
Luzon Force 11-Mar-1942 09-Apr-1942
Hawaiian Department 01-Sep-1939 14-Aug-1943
Philippine Department 01-Sep-1939 06-May-1942

Number of Records Returned: 3


Title National Title From To
6 Infantry Division 29-Jul-1943 26-Jan-1944
6 Infantry Division 31-Jan-1944 31-Dec-1944 ?
6 Infantry Division 09-Jan-1945 15-Aug-1945
7 Infantry Division 11-May-1943 15-Sep-1943
7 Infantry Division 15-Sep-1943 20-Jan-1944
7 Infantry Division 31-Jan-1944 08-Feb-1944
7 Infantry Division 15-Feb-1944 15-Sep-1944
7 Infantry Division 20-Oct-1944 27-Mar-1945
7 Infantry Division 01-Apr-1945 14-Aug-1945 ?
24 Infantry Division 15-Feb-1944 10-Oct-1944 ?
24 Infantry Division 20-Oct-1944 14-Aug-1945
25 Infantry Division 23-Dec-1942 28-Feb-1943 ?
25 Infantry Division 08-Feb-1944 21-Dec-1944 ?
25 Infantry Division 11-Jan-1945 14-Aug-1945 ?
27 Infantry Division 20-Mar-1942 31-May-1944
27 Infantry Division 17-Jun-1944 07-Aug-1944
27 Infantry Division 18-Aug-1944 25-Mar-1945
27 Infantry Division 09-Apr-1945 15-Aug-1945 ?
Americal Division 24-May-1942 18-Nov-1942
Hawaiian Division 01-Sep-1939 01-Oct-1941
11 Airborne Division 25-May-1944 11-Nov-1944
11 Airborne Division 18-Nov-1944 14-Aug-1945
11 Airborne Division 15-Aug-1945 15-Aug-1945

Number of Records Returned: 23


Title National Title From To
21 Infantry Brigade 01-Sep-1939 01-Oct-1941
23 Infantry Brigade 01-Sep-1939 19-Apr-1941
27 Infantry Division Task Force 28-Sep-1943 10-Nov-1943
27 Infantry Division Task Force 20-Nov-1943 24-Nov-1943
27 Infantry Division Task Force 02-Dec-1943 07-Dec-1943
51 Infantry Brigade 26-Feb-1942 22-Nov-1942
51 Infantry Brigade 26-Nov-1942 24-Mar-1943
51 Infantry Brigade 29-Mar-1943 01-May-1943
53 Infantry Brigade 21-Mar-1942 01-Sep-1942
54 Infantry Brigade 08-Apr-1942 01-Sep-1942
Tactical Group 1 V Amphibious Corps 01-Nov-1943 22-Feb-1944
52 Field Artillery Brigade 17-Mar-1942 01-Sep-1942
604 Antiaircraft Artillery Group 04-Feb-1945 18-Mar-1945

Number of Records Returned: 13


Title National Title From To
Majuro Landing Force 05-Jan-1944 24-Jan-1944 ?
Majuro Landing Force 01-Feb-1944 05-Mar-1944
Majuro Landing Force 12-Mar-1944 12-Mar-1944
1 Infantry Regiment 07-Feb-1944 14-Aug-1945
27 Infantry Regiment 01-Sep-1939 06-Dec-1942
27 Infantry Regiment 01-Jan-1943 25-Nov-1943 ?
27 Infantry Regiment 26-Feb-1944 17-Dec-1944
27 Infantry Regiment 11-Jan-1945 31-Aug-1945
35 Infantry Regiment 01-Sep-1939 25-Nov-1942
35 Infantry Regiment 17-Dec-1942 13-Feb-1944 ?
35 Infantry Regiment 13-Feb-1944 21-Dec-1944 ?
35 Infantry Regiment 11-Jan-1945 31-Aug-1945
53 Infantry Regiment 26-Jun-1942 21-Jul-1943
53 Infantry Regiment 15-Aug-1943 22-Sep-1944
87 Infantry Regiment 04-Aug-1943 12-Dec-1943 ?
105 Infantry Regiment 17-Mar-1942 31-May-1944
105 Infantry Regiment 17-Jun-1944 26-Aug-1944 ?
105 Infantry Regiment 04-Sep-1944 25-Mar-1945
105 Infantry Regiment 10-Apr-1945 11-Apr-1945
105 Infantry Regiment 13-Apr-1945 15-Aug-1945 ?
106 Infantry Regiment 15-Mar-1942 23-Jan-1944
106 Infantry Regiment 19-Feb-1944 27-Mar-1944
106 Infantry Regiment 13-Apr-1944 31-May-1944
106 Infantry Regiment 20-Jun-1944 04-Sep-1944
106 Infantry Regiment 13-Sep-1944 20-Mar-1945
106 Infantry Regiment 11-Apr-1945 15-Aug-1945 ?
108 Infantry Regiment 17-Apr-1942 21-Jan-1944
111 Infantry Regiment 12-Nov-1943 15-Jan-1945 ?
111 Infantry Regiment 01-Feb-1945 15-Aug-1945 ?
161 Infantry Regiment 21-Dec-1941 16-Dec-1942
161 Infantry Regiment 04-Jan-1943 01-Nov-1943
161 Infantry Regiment 26-Feb-1944 17-Dec-1944
161 Infantry Regiment 11-Jan-1945 31-Aug-1945
165 Infantry Regiment 08-Apr-1942 10-Nov-1943
165 Infantry Regiment 20-Nov-1943 24-Nov-1943
165 Infantry Regiment 02-Dec-1943 31-May-1944
165 Infantry Regiment 17-Jun-1944 26-Aug-1944 ?
165 Infantry Regiment 04-Sep-1944 25-Mar-1945
165 Infantry Regiment 09-Apr-1945 15-Aug-1945 ?
299 Infantry Regiment 15-Oct-1940 21-Jul-1942
187 Glider Infantry Regiment 29-May-1944 11-Nov-1944
187 Glider Infantry Regiment 18-Nov-1944 12-Aug-1945
187 Glider Infantry Regiment 12-Aug-1945 31-Aug-1945
188 Glider Infantry Regiment 11-Jun-1944 11-Nov-1944
188 Glider Infantry Regiment 18-Nov-1944 20-Jul-1945
188 Parachute Infantry Regiment 20-Jul-1945 12-Aug-1945
188 Parachute Infantry Regiment 12-Aug-1945 31-Aug-1945
503 Parachute Infantry Regiment 20-Aug-1943 24-Jan-1944 ?
503 Parachute Infantry Regiment 14-Apr-1944 31-Aug-1945
511 Parachute Infantry Regiment 29-May-1944 11-Nov-1944
511 Parachute Infantry Regiment 18-Nov-1944 12-Aug-1945
511 Parachute Infantry Regiment 12-Aug-1945 31-Aug-1945
AGF Engebi Island Army Garrison Force Engebi Island 19-Feb-1944 20-Sep-1944
AGF Engebi Island Army Garrison Force Engebi Island 24-Sep-1944 ? 25-Sep-1944

Number of Records Returned: 54


Title National Title From To
3 Army Defence Battalion 11-Oct-1943 25-Sep-1944

Number of Records Returned: 1


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