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Site History and Updates

Date Description
20-Mar-2006 Added and Links, reorganised page layouts and added new Sitemap page.
13-Mar-2006 Removed original Introduction Page and replaced it with the Home Page. Changed Counter to count on a Per Page basis. Improved Look and Feel of Index Pages
04-Mar-2006 New Version of Web Site with new Index Pages for British, US and German unit records and certain Nationalities of Person records to improve Search Engine access to database pages. New Google Referrals buttons. Amended web page formats to improve consistency between pages. Once Google has crawled the new Index pages, the Google Search button should be much more effective in searching the site for Units and Persons.
19-Feb-2006 The last two months have seen considerable change internally as the web site is being rewritten and the database has been upgraded. I hope to publish the new site within a few weeks. The new site will be very similar but will run under new technology and will be optimised for use with search engines.
17-Feb-2006 Web site is now back up after being offline for several days owing to the failure of the ADSL Modem. Modem has now been replaced. Many apologies for any inconvenience caused!
10-Oct-2005 Changed Search Page to allow Searches with Made the site more searchable by changing navigation controls to hyperlinks and removing paging
26-Sep-2005 Added some additional text to some pages
08-Sep-2005 Changed Menu Layout and added Google Ads to more pages; reworked the Counter; fixed Paging in Links and Sources Web Pages; resized some Data Grids.
03-Sep-2005 The Unit Index data grid is now dynamic and will display different data according to the state and size of units selected
06-Jul-2005 Fixed error in Order of Battle Tab
30-Jun-2005 Web Site is now backup after being down for two days which was caused by a Router issue.
08-Jun-2005 Added a drop down list in Unit Subordinates to allow subordinates of a specific Size to be selected
30-Apr-2005 Added a Unit Index by Corps Page to allow users to select Units for a specific Corps - This can only be used for British Commonwealth units
30-Apr-2005 Ranks are now displayed in "National" format where applicable, i.e. "Oberst" is displayed instead of "Colonel".
23-Apr-2005 Web Site is now back up after being down for a few days. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the telephone cable while I was away which stopped access to the web server (one of my cats had chewed the cable!).
14-Mar-2005 Added Google Adsense to Main Page and Country Pages
06-Mar-2005 Added a Donations Page
28-Feb-2005 Web Site now populate Title dynamically so that navigation through the History Buttons is much easier
11-Jan-2005 Fixed error in Order of Battle Tab in Unit Data which displayed all Unit Attachments in the Tree instead of those for a specific Date as it should have.
29-Dec-2004 Web Site and Database now back up. Thank you for your patience
27-Dec-2004 Unfortunately the site is down due to a Hard Disk Crash. I expect to have the site up in a couple of days or so. Sorry for the inconvenience.
04-Dec-2004 Added two new data grids for Unit Battle Honours and Unit Notes. Unit Notes is a "catch-all" area for footnotes and comments for a specific unit while Unit Battle Honours displays Battle Honours awarded to the Unit (Campaigns Served in the case of US units). Battle Honour data was previously displayed in the Unit History grid.
03-Dec-2004 Added a Recent Unit Updates page which lists unit hyperlinks for units inserted or updated in the last week
06-Nov-2004 The Links Page is now generated from the Database.
06-Nov-2004 An Order of Battle Tab has been added to the Unit Data page which will allow users to generate an order of battle treeview hierarchy for a specifc Unit for a specific Date. Users can open or close specific nodes and hyperlink to a specific unit page from the hierarchy.
01-Nov-2004 goes live on the web
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