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Wehrkreis I
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Units which served in Wehrkreis I

Title National Title From To
3 Army Armee-Oberkommando 3 22-Aug-1939 03-Oct-1939
16 Army Armee-Oberkommando 16 22-Oct-1939 08-May-1945
19 Army Armee-Oberkommando 19 26-Aug-1943 08-May-1945
20 Mountain Army Gebirgs-Armee-Oberkommando 20 22-Jun-1942 08-May-1945
I Corps Generalkommando I Armeekorps 01-Oct-1934 08-May-1945
III Corps Generalkommando III Armeekorps 01-Oct-1934 21-Mar-1941
XXVI Corps Generalkommando XXVI Armeekorps 22-Aug-1939 08-May-1945
XXXXV Corps Command zbV Höheres Kommando zbV XXXXV 08-Mar-1940 25-May-1942
1 Cavalry Division 1 Kavallerie-Division 25-Oct-1939 28-Nov-1941
Demba Infantry Division Infanterie-Division Demba 27-Jan-1944 26-Jun-1944
Mielau Infantry Division Infanterie-Division Mielau 27-Jan-1944 26-Jun-1944
1 Infantry Division 1 Infanterie-Division 02-Oct-1934 26-Apr-1945
11 Infantry Division 11 Infanterie-Division 01-Oct-1934 08-May-1945
21 Infantry Division 21 Infanterie-Division 01-Oct-1934 14-Apr-1945
161 Infantry Division 161 Infanterie-Division 01-Dec-1939 10-Nov-1943
161 Infantry Division 161 Infanterie-Division 27-Jul-1944 09-Oct-1944
401 Static Division Division zbV 401 16-Jan-1940 25-Sep-1942
422 Static Division Division zbV 422 24-Oct-1939 16-Jan-1940
141 Reserve Division 141 Reserve-Division 24-Sep-1942 19-Feb-1944
1 Infantry Regiment Infanterie-Regiment 1 01-Oct-1934 26-Apr-1945
2 Infantry Regiment Infanterie-Regiment 2 01-Oct-1934 08-May-1945
3 Infantry Regiment Infanterie-Regiment 3 01-Apr-1934 08-May-1945
22 Infantry Regiment Infanterie-Regiment 22 01-Oct-1934 26-Apr-1945
23 Infantry Regiment Infanterie-Regiment 23 01-Oct-1934 08-May-1945
24 Infantry Regiment Infanterie-Regiment 24 01-Oct-1934 01-Apr-1945
43 Infantry Regiment Infanterie-Regiment 43 01-Oct-1934 26-Apr-1945
1 Ski Jäger Regiment Skijäger-Regiment 1 07-Nov-1943 30-Jun-1944
2 Ski Jäger Regiment Skijäger-Regiment 2 03-Nov-1943 30-Jun-1944
1 Artillery Regiment Artillerie-Regiment 1 01-Jan-1921 08-May-1945
3 Jäger Battalion Jäger-Bataillon 3 19-May-1942 10-May-1945
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