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Size Title Full Title
Battalion 18 Armoured Regiment
Battalion 19 Armoured Regiment
Battalion 20 Armoured Regiment
Battalion 25 Reconnaisance Regiment
Battalion 25 Motor Regiment
Battalion 26 Motor Regiment
Battalion 104 Motor Regiment
Battalion 25 Light Horse (MG) 25 Light Horse Regiment (MG)
Battalion 25 Cavalry Regiment
Battalion 26 Light Horse (MG) 26 Light Horse Regiment
Battalion XIV Corps Cavalry Regiment XIV Corps Cavalry Regiment
Battalion XV Corps Cavalry Regiment XV Corps Cavalry Regiment
Battalion The Afridi Battalion
Battalion 1 Coorg Battalion
Battalion The Rangoon Battalion BAF The Rangoon Battalion Burma Auxiliary Force
Battalion The Tenasserim Battalion BAF The Tenasserim Battalion Burma Auxiliary Force
Battalion 27 Infantry Battalion
Battalion 28 Infantry Battalion 28 (Maori) Infantry Battalion
Battalion Composite Infantry Battalion 29 (or Composite) Infantry Battalion
Battalion The Upper Burma Battalion BAF The Upper Burma Battalion Burma Auxiliary Force
Battalion 63 Infantry Battalion
Battalion 64 Infantry Battalion
Battalion 65 Infantry Battalion
Battalion 66 Infantry Battalion
Battalion 67 Infantry Battalion
Battalion 25 Gurkha Rifles
Battalion 26 Gurkha Rifles
Battalion Alwar Jai Paltan
Battalion Darwin Battalion
Battalion 51 (Palestinian) Commando
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