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1 Army Tank Battalion
3 Army Tank Battalion
Kenya Armoured Car Regiment
Elgin Canadian Reserve Armoured Battalion
Free French Motor Battalion
7 Gurkha Rifles
16 Australian Infantry Brigade Composite Battalion
17 Australian Infantry Brigade Composite Battalion
Honner Force
The Jat Battalion
The Punjab/Jat Battalion
New Zealand Reinforcement Battalion
Special Mobile Force
The Torres Strait Light Infantry
The Royal Papuan Constabulary
1 New Guinea Infantry
I Carpathian Rifle Battalion
2 New Guinea Infantry
2 Nepalese Infantry (Rifle Regiment)
II Carpathian Rifle Battalion
3 New Guinea Infantry
III Carpathian Rifle Battalion
4 New Guinea Infantry
1 Field Force Battalion
11 Czechoslovakian Infantry Battalion
11 (East Africa) Division Scouts
1/2 Field Force Batttalion
2 Field Force Battalion
81 (West Africa) Infantry Division Regiment
82 (West Africa) Infantry Division Regiment
III/22 Infantry Regiment
Bairab Nath Regiment
Kalibahadur Regiment
Mahindra Dal Regiment
Papuan Infantry
Purnao Gorakh Regiment
Shamsher Dal Regiment
Shere Regiment
Shri Nath Regiment
1 Commando
2 Polish Commando
3 Commando
4 Commando
5 Commando
2/6 Commando Regiment
6 Commando
2/7 Commando Regiment
7 Commando
8 Commando
2/9 Commando Regiment
9 Commando
10 (Inter-Allied) Commando
11 Commando
Carpathian Machine Gun Battalion
1 SAS Marine Commando Battalion
10 Inter-Allied Marine Commando Battalion
1 Polish Parachute Infantry Battalion
2 Polish Parachute Infantry Battalion
3 Polish Parachute Infantry Battalion
2/1 Guard Battalion
2/2 Guard Battalion
1 Airfield Defence Battalion
Indian State Forces Training Unit
3 Super Heavy Regiment
61 Super Heavy Regiment
Carpathian Field Regiment
Central Artillery Group
Northern Artillery Group
Southern Artillery Group
7 Anti-Tank Regiment
4 Super Heavy Regiment
2/1 Pioneer Battalion
2/2 Pioneer Battalion
2/3 Pioneer Battalion
2/4 Pioneer Battalion

Number of Records Returned: 75


148 Independent Brigade Group Machine Gun Company
16 Australian Infantry Brigade Anti-Tank Company
23 Australian Infantry Brigade Anti-Tank Company
Faridkot Field Company ISF
Malerkotla Field Company ISF
Sirmoor Field Company ISF
Tehri Garhwal Field Company ISF

Number of Records Returned: 7


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