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Efficiency Decoration
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Officers awarded the Efficiency Decoration (ED)

Title Born Died Nationality
E Acland Canadian
JA Adamson 06-May-1894 Canadian
FJ Alderson 02-Apr-1882 Australian
HH Angle 31-Mar-1906 17-Jul-1950 Canadian
GG Anglin 08-Aug-1894 Canadian
EH Anundson Canadian
CE Armstrong 15-Sep-1896 Australian
AE Arthur 30-Aug-1909 Australian
F Baker 19-Jun-1908 New Zealand
EG Barrie Canadian
B Barrington 02-Oct-1907 New Zealand
Sir Harold Barrowclough 23-Jun-1894 New Zealand
TW Bartley 13-Jun-1897 Australian
CT Batten Canadian
AR Baxter-Cox 07-Sep-1898 18-Oct-1958 Australian
GE Beament 14-Apr-1908 Canadian
RH Beattie 30-Sep-1895 Canadian
GW Beeforth 06-Jul-1900 Australian
PE Belanger Canadian
KG Blackader 19-Dec-1897 Canadian
CA D'A Blackburn 08-May-1899 New Zealand
AED Bliss Canadian
RJ Bolton Canadian
IL Bonifant 03-Mar-1912 New Zealand
RE Bricker 27-Aug-1901 Canadian
HW Brooks Canadian
P Brosseau 06-Sep-1896 Canadian
JO Brown 18-Dec-1886 Australian
GW Bullock Canadian
FA Burgess 30-Mar-1904 Canadian
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