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Generalkommando XXXXVI Panzerkorps
XXXXVI Panzer Corps

Kommandierender General

From To Rank Name Acting
14-Jun-1942 22-Nov-1942 General Hans Zorn
22-Nov-1942 14-Jan-1943 ? Generalleutnant Hans-Karl Freiherr von Esebeck
15-Jan-1943 ? 02-Aug-1943 General Hans Zorn
02-Aug-1943 10-Aug-1943 Generalleutnant Friedrich Hossbach
10-Aug-1943 22-Mar-1944 General Hans Gollnick
22-Mar-1944 23-Jul-1944 General [Karl] Friedrich Schulz
24-Jul-1944 29-Aug-1944 Generalleutnant Smilo Freiherr von Lüttwitz
29-Aug-1944 20-Sep-1944 Generalleutnant Maximilian Felzmann
21-Sep-1944 20-Jan-1945 General Walter Fries
21-Jan-1945 03-May-1945 General Martin Gareis

Chef des Generalstabes

From To Rank Name Acting
14-Jun-1942 14-Jul-1943 ? Oberst Wolf-Dietrich Freiherr von Schleinitz
01-Jul-1943 25-Mar-1944 Oberst Friedrich Berendsen
15-Apr-1944 ? 01-Sep-1944 Oberst [Hermann] Burkhart Müller-Hillebrand
15-Sep-1944 ? 14-Feb-1945 ? Oberstleutnant Hans Lutz
15-Feb-1945 ? 31-Mar-1945 ? Oberstleutnant Harald von Gustedt
01-Apr-1945 ? 08-May-1945 Oberst Walter Niklaus


From To Rank Name Acting
14-Jun-1942 14-Dec-1942 ? Major Willi Bürklin
15-Dec-1942 ? 31-May-1943 ? Major Otto-Heinrich Bleicken
10-May-1943 10-Oct-1943 Oberstleutnant Anton-Detlev von Plato
01-Jun-1943 ? 14-Jun-1944 ? Major Kurt Rosewich
15-Jun-1944 ? 10-Dec-1944 ? Oberstleutnant Konrad von Heuduck
15-Dec-1944 ? 08-May-1945 Major Karl-Heinz Riess


From To Rank Name Acting
15-Jun-1942 08-Sep-1942 Hauptmann Ernst-Ludwig Birck
08-Sep-1942 30-Apr-1943 Major Anton-Detlev von Plato
01-May-1943 10-May-1943 Oberstleutnant Anton-Detlev von Plato


From To Rank Name Acting
15-Jul-1943 ? 14-Apr-1945 ? Oberstleutnant Bodo Reckleben


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