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Northern Territory Force

Command Appointments

General Officer Commanding

From To Rank Name Acting
01-May-1942 14-Aug-1942 Major-General Sir Edmund Herring
12-Aug-1942 14-Mar-1943 Major-General JES Stevens
15-Mar-1943 29-Oct-1944 Major-General AS Allen
16-Feb-1944 17-Mar-1944 Brigadier WM Anderson *
06-Aug-1944 14-Aug-1944 Brigadier WM Anderson *
28-Oct-1944 18-Jan-1945 ? Brigadier RH Nimmo *

Branch of The General Staff

Brigadier General Staff

From To Rank Name Acting
09-Mar-1943 27-Apr-1943 Colonel EW Woodward
28-Apr-1943 07-Dec-1943 Brigadier EW Woodward
08-Dec-1943 05-Jan-1944 Brigadier LD Barham
05-Jan-1944 22-Sep-1944 Brigadier WM Anderson
20-Sep-1944 18-Jan-1945 ? Brigadier RH Nimmo

Attached to the General Staff

Royal Artillery

Commander Royal Artillery

From To Rank Name Acting
13-May-1942 21-Dec-1942 Brigadier HW Strutt
15-Jan-1943 ? 07-Jun-1944 Brigadier HW Strutt
10-May-1943 13-Jul-1943 Colonel GH O'Brien
14-Jul-1943 13-Jun-1944 Brigadier GH O'Brien
16-Jun-1944 16-Nov-1944 Brigadier KD Chalmers


Brigadier i/c Administration

From To Rank Name Acting
22-Apr-1942 05-Apr-1943 Brigadier R Bierwirth
18-Apr-1943 09-Jul-1943 Brigadier WJM Locke
08-Aug-1943 18-Jan-1945 ? Brigadier EM Dollery
01-Aug-1944 12-Aug-1944 Brigadier WM Anderson *

Branch of The Adjutant General and The Quartermaster General

Assistant Quartermaster-General

From To Rank Name Acting
18-Mar-1943 21-May-1944 Lieutenant-Colonel JH Russell


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