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New Zealand Expeditionary Force Army Formed in 1939 as the 2nd NZEF, a volunteer force for service outside New Zealand. The original NZEF served in the First World War.
New Zealand Territorial Force Army Formed in 1911 for Home Defence in New Zealand
New Zealand Volunteer Force Army Formed by the Militia Act of 1858. It was replaced in 1910 by the New Zealand Territorial Force
Non-Permanent Active Militia Army The Canadian equivalent of the Territorial Army. All units were part of the Active Militia and those units that were not permanently embodied were part of the Non-Permanent Active Militia. In 1940, became part of the Canadian Army.
Permanent Active Militia Army The Regular units of the Active Militia in Canada. The term ceased to be used after the creation of the Canadian Army in 1940
Regular Army British and Commonwealth formations which were part of the Regular Army or Permanent Force in 1939 or were created from mainly Regular formations later in the War.
Reserve Army
Special Reserve Army Formerly designated the Militia
Straits Settlements Volunteer Force Army Forces raised in Singapore and Malaya by the British Army
Supplementary Reserve Army Formed in 1924 to provide a reserve of men with specialist skills. Northern Irish formations were part of the Supplementary Reserve as the Territorial Army did not exist in Northern Ireland.
Volunteer Force Army Pre-1908 Volunteer Units in the United Kingdom which were formed in 1859. In 1908, they became part of the Territorial Force (later the Territorial Army).
War Formed Army British and Commonwealth formations formed during the War.
Young Soldier Army Young Soldier Battalions were created in both 1917 and 1940
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