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7 Armoured Division

Unit Histories

From To Type Notes
15-Dec-1938 ? 15-Dec-1938 ? Created Formed in Egypt.
01-Sep-1939 01-Sep-1939 Active Regular Division in Egypt with the title The Mobile Division. Division was considerably below establishment.
03-Sep-1939 03-Sep-1939 Renamed Redesignated The Armoured Division (Egypt).
16-Feb-1940 16-Feb-1940 Renamed Redesignated 7 Armoured Division
14-Apr-1940 14-Apr-1940 Reorganised Division reorganised with two Armoured Brigades, Support Group, Armoured Cavalry Regiment, but no intrinsic Divisional RE.
15-Apr-1940 ? 15-Apr-1940 ? Reinforced HQ Divisional RE (4 Field Sqn RE, 143 Field Park Troop RE) formed in the UK.
15-May-1940 ? 15-May-1940 ? Reinforced 2 Field Sqn RE & 141 Field Park Sqn RE attached to Division from 1 Cavalry Division.
15-Nov-1940 ? 15-Nov-1940 ? Reorganised Divisional RE arrived Egypt.
17-May-1941 17-May-1941 Reorganised Divisional RE finally comes under command of Division.
09-Feb-1942 09-Feb-1942 Reorganised Division reorganised with one Armoured Brigade and an Infantry Brigade, Support Group was disbanded, no Divisional RA yet though.
27-Mar-1942 27-Mar-1942 Reorganised Divisional RA formed, but did not join the Division.
24-Aug-1942 24-Aug-1942 Reorganised Divisional RA came under command. Division reorganised.
06-Nov-1943 06-Nov-1943 Reorganised Division reorganised; Armoured Recon Regiment added, Artillery Regiments were now towed or self-propelled.
31-Aug-1945 31-Aug-1945 Active in North West Europe
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