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4 Australian Infantry Division
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Attached to the General Staff - Royal Engineers - Commander Royal Engineers

From To Rank Name Acting
31-Mar-1931 30-Mar-1937 Lieutenant-Colonel JM Mathew
01-Dec-1934 14-Dec-1935 Major RTA McDonald
20-Apr-1936 04-Oct-1936 Major WJ Urquhart *
09-Sep-1936 28-Feb-1939 Lieutenant-Colonel W Jones
05-Oct-1936 26-Jul-1940 Lieutenant-Colonel JH Russell
06-Jan-1937 31-Dec-1937 Major LN Roach
01-Jan-1938 26-Jun-1938 Major LN Roach
01-Apr-1938 26-Jun-1938 Lieutenant-Colonel CE Armstrong
27-Jun-1938 31-Oct-1939 Lieutenant-Colonel CE Armstrong
01-Sep-1938 12-Oct-1939 Captain HS Kingham
03-May-1939 01-Nov-1939 Lieutenant-Colonel AJ Boase
01-Aug-1939 12-Oct-1939 Colonel AH Ramsey
15-Nov-1939 27-Jun-1940 Major JG Norris
08-Jan-1940 19-Apr-1940 Lieutenant-Colonel WM Anderson
02-May-1940 05-Apr-1942 Major-General FP Derham
27-Jul-1940 15-Jun-1941 Lieutenant-Colonel JH Russell
06-Apr-1942 11-Aug-1942 Major-General JES Stevens
06-Apr-1942 23-Aug-1942 Brigadier WJ Christie
06-Apr-1942 01-Nov-1942 ? Colonel WL Rau *
08-Aug-1942 01-Oct-1944 Major-General JJ Murray
23-Aug-1942 21-Jun-1943 Brigadier DOL Kitto
28-Oct-1942 01-Nov-1942 ? Lieutenant-Colonel JCW O'Connor
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