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British Commonwealth

Code Name Service
2IC Second In Command Army
AA&QMG Assistant Adjutant & Quartermaster-General Army
AAG Assistant Adjutant-General Army
AC Area Commander Army
ACGS Assistant Chief of the General Staff Army
ACIGS Assistant Chief of the Imperial General Staff Army
ADA Assistant Director of Artillery Army
ADAG Assistant Deputy Adjutant-General Army
ADHS Assistant Director of Historical Section Army
ADME Assistant Director of Mechanical Engineering Army
ADO Assistant Director of Organisation Army
ADOS Assistant Director of Ordnance Services Army
ADPS Assistant Director of Personal Services Army
ADQMG Assistant Deputy Quartermaster-GeneraL Army
ADST Assistant Director of Supplies and Transport Army
ADSURV Assistant Director of Survey Army
AG Adjutant-General Army
AMGO Assistant Master General of the Ordinance Army
AMS Assistant Military Secretary Army
APM Assistant Provost Marshal Army
AQMG Assistant Quartermaster-General Army
ASOIC Assistant Signal Officer in Chief Army
BA Brigadier i/c Administration Army
BAA Brigadier Anti-Aircraft Army
BC Base Commander Army
BGS Brigadier General Staff Army
BM Brigade Major Army
BMGO Brigade Machine Gun Officer Army
BMRA Brigade Major Royal Artillery Army
BRA Brigadier Royal Artillery Army
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