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The term Germany is used to cover "Greater Germany" or "Grossdeutschland":

Units listed under Germany also include volunteer units raised from other countries both occupied and allied.

Units of the Italian Social Republic which was created as a Puppet Regime in 1943 after the Italian Armistice are also listed under Germany; because the Kingdom of Italy became an Allied co-belligerent after the Armistice.

Units of the Axis-Allied countries such as Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria will be listed separately under the appropriate country in due course.

This database will include ground units for the following services and Organisations :

Please see state-specific Notes for more information.

To prevent needless duplication, all Notes which are listed as Notes for the Heer apply to other Services as well unless the Note indicates otherwise.

It should be noted that for many German units, detailed information as to history and creation/destruction dates are lacking; in some cases this is the result of the destruction of archival materials and records during the War. However, a huge amount of information is available.

A table of German Unit terminology follows.

German Title Translation Description
Oberbefehlshaber Commander in Chief An Army Group HQ in command of other Army Group HQs
Befehlshaber Commander An HQ for an area, city or country
Heersgruppe Army Group A permanent HQ which commanded 2 or more Army HQs
Armeegruppe Army Group Ad-hoc HQ where an Army HQ was in command of another Army HQ
Armee Army A permanent HQ which commanded 2 or more Corps HQs
Armeeabteilung Army Detachment Ad-hoc HQ where a Corps HQ was in command of other Corps HQs
Korps Corps A permanent HQ which commanded 2 or more Division HQs
Korpsabteilung Corps Detachment Ad-hoc HQ where several Division remnants were combined
Division Division A permanent HQ which commanded 2 or 3 Regiment HQs
Brigade Brigade An HQ mid-way in size between a Division and a Regiment
Regiment Regiment A permanent HQ which commanded 2-3 Battalion HQs
Bataillon Battalion A permanent HQ which commanded 2-3 Companies
Abteilung Detachment Equivalent to a Battalion; used to describe Panzer Battalions
Kampfgruppe Battle Group Ad-hoc HQ created to control elements of different arms in a battle
Gruppe Group Equivalent to a Kampfgruppe but often of a greater size