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About Orders of Battle

The Orders of Battle website is an online database of military units in World War II

Using this database, the user can view information on military units of all sizes including Army Groups, Armies, Corps, Divisions, Brigades, Regiments and Battalions for the Armies of the British Commonwealth, United States of America, Germany and other major powers in the Second World War and the men who commanded them or were on the staff

In due course I hope to expand this site to cover World War I at some point in the future

Orders of Battle began its life in a humble way in 1991 as a database of wargame orders of battle which was built to teach myself Access 1.0! Since then it has evolved from a modest learning tool into a complex data structure covering over 45 tables and accessed by Entity Framework and LINQ.

Order Of Battle Database and Web Pages are Copyright Orders of 1991-2021

Information in these pages is not copyright to Orders of and has been derived from a wide variety of both published and unpublished sources which are listed in the Sources Page and the Links Page

Site online since 1st November 2004

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