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1st Line Territorial Army Army Formed in 1908 as the Territorial Force from Volunteer Battalions. Territorial Army (TA) formations were affiliated with Regular Regiments. Indicates TA formations that existed before 1939.
2nd Line Territorial Army Army These Battalions were formed in August 1914 as duplicates of existing Territorial Force Battalions and were indicated with the designation "2/", ie 2/7th, 2/8th etc. Many served overseas. In 1939, when the Territorial Army was doubled in size, the duplicate Battalions were designated 2nd Line Territorial Army Battalions; the numbering scheme varied from Regiment to Regiment however.
3rd Line Territorial Army Army Raised in 1915 to supply reinforcements for the 1st and 2nd Line Territorial Battalions in most Regiments designated as "3/", i.e. 3/4th, 3/5th etc. In 1916, these Battalions dropped the prefix and were numbered as 4 Reserve Battalion, 5 Reserve Battalion etc. In September 1916, these Battalions were amalgamated into one or two Reserve Battalions in each Regiment.
2nd Reserve Army Formed in April 1915 from the 75 Service Battalions of the "Fourth New Army" that were formed in October 1914. In September 1916, they became part of the Training Reserve.
1st Line Yeomanry Army Part-time Cavalry formations - part of the Territorial Force after 1908. In origin, however, they generally predate the Volunteer Force units of 1859 and date back to the 18th century.
2nd Line Yeomanry Army Yeomanry Formations that were created in 1914 and 1939 when some of the original Yeomanry Regiments were duplicated
3rd Line Yeomanry Army Created in 1915 to supply reinforcements to 1st and 2nd Line Yeomanry Regiments.
Active Citizen Force Army Militia Force in South Africa
Australian Imperial Force Army Formed in 1939 as the 2nd AIF as a volunteer force for service overseas. All units of Battalion size are identified by the prefix "2/" to distinguish them from the 1st AIF of 1914-18.
Auxiliary Force (India) Army Territorial part-time volunteer units formed from British and European residents in India.
Burma Auxiliary Force Army Formed in 1937 from Indian Territorial and Auxiliary units when Burma was separated from India. Mainly consisted of British, Anglo-Indians and Anglo-Burmans
Burma Military Police Army Burma Military Police
Burma Territorial Force Army Formed in 1937 from Indian Territorial and Auxiliary units when Burma was separated from India. Mainly consisted of Burmese and Karens
Canadian Army Occupation Force Army Formed in 1945 to act as a garrison force in Germany
Canadian Active Service Force Army Formed in 1939 for Service overseas. In November 1940, it was redesignated The Canadian Army (Active).
Canadian Army (Active) Army Formed in 1940 from the Canadian Active Service Force. All mobilised units were designated as "Active" units of the Canadian Army.
Canadian Army (Reserve) Army Formed in 1940 from the Non-Permanent Active Militia. All non-mobilised units became "Reserve" units of the Canadian Army
Canadian Expeditionary Force Army Canadian units raised for overseas service in the First World War
Graduated Army Created in 1917 to provide specialised training to soldiers drafted from Young Soldier Battalions
Home Defence Army British formations raised for service in the United Kingdom only in the Second World War. A few did serve overseas. Do not confuse these Battalions with the Home Guard as the Home Guard units had their own numbering sequence within Regiments.
Home Service Army Regimental Battalions converted in 1917 from Provisional Territorial Force Battalions formed in 1915
Honourable East India Company Service Army In 1859, all units in the East India Company Service passed under crown control
Indian Military Police Army Para-military police units organised along military lines
Indian State Forces Army Forces raised by the independent Indian Princely States which were lent to the British during times of war
Indian Territorial Force Army The Indian Equivalent to the Territorial Army
Local Reserve Army Formed in 1915 from the depot companies of the Service Battalions. In 1916, all Battalions were renumbered as Training Reserve Battalions
Militia Army Part-time Units in the Commonwealth outside the United Kingdom which were equivalent to the Territorial Army
Militia (Inactive) Army The British Militia were the historic home defence forces in the United Kingdom. They were redesignated Special Reserve in 1908.
National Military Reserve Army Home Defence Force in New Zealand which was incorporated into the New Zealand Territorial Force in February 1942
Service Army Raised in the First World War only. Also known as New Army
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