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British Commonwealth

Code Name Service
BRAC Brigadier Royal Armoured Corps Army
BTYOC Battery Commander Army
CA Colonel i/c Administration Army
CAA Commander Anti-Aircraft Defences Army
CCD Commander Coast Defences Army
CCMA Commander Corps Medium Artillery Army
CCRA Commander Corps Royal Artillery Army
CDT Commandant Army
CE Chief Engineer Army
CFD Commander Fixed Defences Army
CGS Chief of the General Staff Army
CHG Commander (Home Guard) Army
CIGS Chief of the Imperial General Staff Army
CINC Commander in Chief Army
CMA Chief Military Advisor Army
CO Commanding Officer Army
COGS Colonel General Staff Army
COMDR Commander Army
COS Chief of Staff Army
COYOC Company Commander Army
CRA Commander Royal Artillery Army
CRE Commander Royal Engineers Army
CRSIGS Commander Royal Signals Army
CSO Chief Signal Officer Army
CSTO Command Supply and Transport Officer Army
DA Director of Artillery Army
DA&QMG Deputy Adjutant & Quartermaster-General Army
DAA&QMG Deputy Assistant Adjutant & Quartermaster-General Army
DAAG Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General Army
DADA Deputy Assistant Director of Artillery Army
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