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Site Notes

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1 If an event is not accurately known, a "?" is displayed next to it. In those cases, where only the Month and Year are known, the date is set to the 15th of the month and a "?" is displayed.
2 If it is certain that a Commander was in an Appointment on a specific date but the start and end dates of the Appointment are not known then that date will be given and both dates will have "?" associated with them. The same applies to unit subordinates and superiors.
3 Ranks are shown in the appropriate language for the person or unit selected
4 If a Unit is renumbered or renamed, then an additional Unit record will be created for the new number or name unless the new name is a code name or the new nomenclature was short-lived.
5 Units which were reformed with the same number after being destroyed are recorded under the original number unless another unit with the same number existed at the same time.
6 In those cases where Battalions are numbered within the Regiment (virtually all cases except for British Commonwealth units), for example 3 Battalion 127 Infantry Regiment or III Battalion 127 Infantry Regiment; most details are listed at the Regiment level to avoid needless duplication of data.
7 The database does not attempt to track the daily location of every unit listed (it would be nice but the data is hard to get!!); however Unit Location data does attempt to give a snapshot of where the Unit was based for a number of dates between 1939 and 1945.
8 This database concentrates on the period between 1939 and 1945. However, for completeness sake, I have included information on the evolution of British Battalion-sized units between 1922 and 1939 as there were wholesale conversions from Infantry to Artillery and Tank in that period.
9 It is also hoped to cover the evolution of the German Army between 1933 and 1939 in time.
10 Persons whose surnames begin with a prefix (i.e de or von) are listed under the main surname and not the prefix.
11 British Commonwealth persons who were or later became Peers (i.e. Lords) are listed under their title and not their surname.
12 This database does not track unit histories after 31 August 1945 with the exception of the odd Unit Note